"Move aside, peasants. Royalty coming through."

you majestic creatures!

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I wish I was at Splendour

Every Australian that’s not at Splendour. (via wxxkend)

true story

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Took too much holidays on annual leave at the beginning of the year and now I have to shorten my Europe trip because we’re not allowed to take unpaid leave.

and it will always work out in the end…


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Daniel Agger combines two of my great interests…

Good looking Danish men and :LFC…


I was never yours to begin with.

You were never mine for the taking.

Your happiness should begin with you. People have often told me that it is a negative way to look at humanity but I beg to differ.

But isn’t it a beautiful idea that you are in control of your own happiness? That you can only be as happy as you allow yourself to be?

That material possessions, statuses, other people and their thoughts can only influence your perception as much as you allow them to.

Everything in this life is a choice.

You can choose to hate or you can choose to understand.

You can choose to dwell on the past or you can choose to build your future.

You can choose to be scared or you can choose the opportunity to learn and grow.

You can choose happiness, even if the cards are down.

Is it possible to miss someone you don’t even really know?



Things that all started when someone stole a loaf of bread:
-Les Miserables


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